Saturday, 27 February 2016

Heavy Duty Capacitor for power factor correction

ULTIMA Heavy Duty Capacitors

The Three-phase Ultima Capacitors are latest from Neptune And NECPL has been designed for power factor correction in networks with high harmonic current content. They are capable of withstanding 4xIn which is Maximum in comparison to other technologies offered in the market with very low losses.

The capacitor has been made by three elements connected in a delta configuration with metalization done in special profile to allow high voltage stress on the film. The elements are housed into an aluminium can and finally impregnated by resin oil.
The impregnation technology allow:
  • To treat the capacitor in a vacuum
  • To eliminate gas and humidity from the active area - impregnate the element
  • To control the "partial discharge effect" which is one of the reason to have precocious ageing (life longer than 200,000 operating hours)

Technical Specifications
Standard Voltage (Un)
440V to 690V
Rated Frequency
50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Capacitance Tolerance
-5 + 10%
Dielectric losses
0.2 W/kvar
2000 ma.s.l.
Discharge Resistors
External (50V after 1 Min.)
Protection Rating
IP20 Indoor Mounting
M8 Terminal
A.C. test voltage between
2, 15 Un x 2 s terminals
A.C. test voltage between
3 kV x 10 s terminals & case
Temperature class
-25 to 70/D
Max. Inrush current
450 In
Max. Overload In
4 x In
Life expectancy
=> 170000h - 25/D
Reference standard
IEC 831-1/2

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Benefits of energy audit

                  benefits of energy audit

An Energy Audit is an assessment of how much energy a premise/factory/building consumes, combined with suggestions on how you can make yourself more energy-efficient. An audit shows where you are losing energy which can be avoided, and how your insulation, heating,cooling systems, lighting systems, electrical systems and appliances, could be made more efficient.

An energy audit is a review of a building’s energy-consuming systems, including heating, lighting,controls etc.. Some assessments may address water use and the  roof, walls, and windows. For industrial/commercial use, process energy used for manufacturing or production may be analyzed as well.

The energy audit reports include a description of the building’s energy-related systems, a list of energy use reduction measures, estimated implementation costs, and various financial metrics.We can customize our reports according to your needs, or produce standardize reports.

Our Energy Auditors utilize a whole house/office/industry approach to assess how specific improvements can work collectively to provide maximum comfort and energy savings.Energy audits will evaluate your facility “as a whole”, their goal is not to evaluate single measures but to consider a wide range of available alternatives.Provide you with solid, easy to understand technical information regarding the proposed energy conservation measures.Understand where energy is used and which areas are worth focusing on the most.

The implementation of regular Energy Audits is an important part of a site’s energy management system. The results from an Energy Audit can be used by site operators to identify recommendations for energy efficiency improvements at a site. This can include the setting of realistic energy efficiency targets for the site. Once the system of energy management is in place any slippage can be easily identified and acted upon.

An Energy Audit may be conducted using either in-house expertise or an external Consultant. The Auditor should have the relevant technical expertise and experience to plan and implement the Audit. The advantages of using in-house expertise include familiarity with the site, its operations and its personnel, freedom of access to the site and flexibility in timing. The advantages of using a Consultant include independence, breadth of relevant knowledge, technical expertise, resource availability and the benefits of a fresh perspective of the site. With either of the above options, the operator should nominate a Project Coordinator with ultimate responsibility for the completion of the Audit. If the Audit is being conducted in-house, the Project Coordinator and Auditor could be the same person.

Our energy efficiency team has performed energy audits and assessments for various kinds of factories and both light and heavy manufacturing facilities.

    Our comprehensive energy audit will identify the most effective home energy improvements that will:
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Produce consistent interior temperatures
  • Reduce interior drafts
  • Improve humidity control & ventilation
        Reasonably priced energy audit 

        Exclusive customer focus, i.e., one team for one customer at one time for giving timely & dedicated service. 

        Good Quality & Unbiased Energy Audit reports

So, call us or drop a mail to get our services and benefits.we are here to serve you and save your energy.

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Energy Audit-A Energy Saving Technique For Industries

                            energy audit

If you are thinking how to save energy and your money,then solution is an energy audit. A commercial or industrial energy audit identifies how much energy a building uses and how it uses that energy.

In today's world, it is important to keep maintaining expenses to a minimum. One difference between companies that weather these difficult times and those which do not survive, will be that the survivors will have reduced their unnecessary expenditures before it is too late.An experienced energy auditor will identify energy efficiency and cost-reduction in energy audit process. A thorough energy audit can tell you how much to expect in energy savings and how much money you can save.

An energy audit is a  process that tell us how a facility uses energy and then recommends energy-efficient improvements. The process includes inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows to reduce the input without negatively affecting the outputs and to identify potential actions. 

An audit can be as simple or as detailed as you want, depending on your specific needs. The least complicated audit is a walk-through. This is recommended for companies that want to quickly identify low- or no-cost things they can do easily on their own to save energy. Walk-throughs are a good place to start, because they can also uncover even bigger opportunities.

increasingly in the last several decades, industrial energy audits have exploded as the demand to lower increasingly expensive energy costs and move towards a sustainablefuture have made energy audits greatly important. Their importance is magnified since energy spending is a major expense to industrial companies (energy spending accounts for ~ 10% of the average manufacturer's expenses). This growing trend should only continue as energy costs continue to rise.
While the overall concept is similar to a home or residential energy audit, industrial energy audits require a different skillset. Weatherproofing and insulating a house are the main focus of residential energy audits. For industrial applications, it is the HVAC, lighting, and production equipment that use the most energy, and hence are the primary focus of energy audits.

3 Categories of Energy Audit

Energy Audit will be divided into three categories;

Category I shall be the Baseline study for benchmarking.

Category II shall be Detailed Energy Audit and Analysis. 

Category III shall be Investment Grade Energy Audit

Post Audit Implementation of Energy Saving Proposals.  

Why us for Energy Audit

Reasonably priced energy audit
Exclusive customer focus, i.e., one team for one customer at one time for giving timely & dedicated service.
  Good Quality & Unbiased Energy Audit reports.

Reducing your waste, installing sustainable products and identifying opportunities for retrofits and upgrades will save you and your business significant money. In our utility sponsored programs, Naac Energy auditors will  determine the level of financial incentive your utility will provide to help upgrade your equipments.

our energy audit experts are ready to help you to save your money and equipment.we will provide you best solutions for saving energy and reducing your electricity bills.

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