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Benefits of Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Your home is a complex system, made up of a variety of different processes. When everything works well and in tandem, home performance is not a worry. Once a single aspect of the home starts suffering (air sealing, insulation or cooling systems, for example), everything else is affected, leading to a decrease in overall home performance.

A home energy audit is like a doctor’s appointment for your home. Our team will perform various tests in order to evaluate the overall health of your home and will uncover any issues that may be persisting without your knowledge. From there, we’ll determine a plan that will ensure any issues affecting home performanceare addressed in full.


  • Improved Home Comfort — If your heating and cooling system aren’t working up to par, there’s a good chance your home isn’t as comfortable as it could be. We’ll uncover any issues that might be present and work toward improving comfort levels for your home.
  • Reduced Energy Bills — No one wants to spend more than is necessary on their home energy bill, yet it happens all the time. If we can help to improve home performance for your home, you can expect to pay less than you do currently on your energy bills—sometimes by a wide margin.
  • Enhanced Systems Longevity — Your home’s heating and cooling systems sometimes need to work harder than they should just to regulate temperatures properly, which usually results from air leaks and poor insulation. Discovering these and other problems can help you to get a few extra years out of your home’s systems.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality — The health and safety of your family should never be overlooked. Indoor air quality can lead to all sorts of different health issues if you aren’t careful, especially if dust, dirt, mold and other contaminants are at play. A home energy audit will help to alert you of any indoor air quality issues that might exist, and we’ll develop a plan to fix the problem.
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Load Monitoring Services

Load Monitoring Services

What to monitor & record?

  • The process is similar to a doctor using a ECG monitor to record the quality of heartbeat by converting it to electrical signals for one’s heart..
  • Monitoring will provide us with valuable data; however the data needs to be interpreted and applied to the particular equipment/situations for arriving at right decisions.
  • Recording the power parameters like, Current , Voltages kW, kVA, kVAR ,THDsetc. for their peak, average on daily or weekly basis etc on the desired feeders.

Why should customer opt for it?

  • Over time, gradual changes in loads on power system can result in the overloading of electrical network leaving the distribution equipment in inadequate position than what originally it had been designed for. This can result in compromised safety margins and tolerances resulting in sudden tripping of protection equipment.
  • Unmonitored changes can cause the gradual degradation of the electrical and electronic components due to heating power system, which can result in untimely damage to equipments and power system itself.
  • Medium to large commercial and industrial customers usually find very difficult to monitor and control their load changes. The Load dynamics keeps on changing as per seasons, orders/ sales, production capacities etc. Manual monitoring in such situations may not be suffice.
Benefits of NECPL Load Monitoring Service:

  • Offer LMR with specialized meters and software tools for customers to analyze their load cycles with energy requirements to make informed decisions regarding up gradation of their network and to identify cost-saving measures.
  • Demand charges can be reduced from rescheduling load usage during peak load periods with various calculations provided on time of usage or other factors as per customer utility billing scheme.

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Harmonic Study and Power Quality Study

                  Harmonic Study and Power Quality Study

harmonic filter
Harmonic  study

Most people don't realize that harmonics have been around a long time. Since the first AC generator went online more than 100 years ago, electrical systems have experienced harmonics. The harmonics at that time were minor and had no detrimental effects
A pure sinusoidal voltage is a conceptual quantity produced by an ideal AC generator built with finely distributed stator and field windings that operate in a uniform magnetic field. Since neither the winding distribution nor the magnetic field are uniform in a working AC machine, voltage waveform distortions are created, and the voltage-time relationship deviates from the pure sine function. The distortion at the point of generation is very small (about 1% to 2%), but nonetheless it exists. Because this is a deviation from a pure sine wave, the deviation is in the form of a periodic function, and by definition, the voltage distortion contains harmonics.

Loads that make use of semi conductor devices like transistor thyristor i.e. static rectifies. (AC/DC conversation using SCRS), static frequency converters, static inverters like :
Static power converters (AC-DC conversion using SCRS)
Static rectifiers
Static frequency converter
Static uninterruptible power supplies
Static induction regulators

Variable impedance loads, using electric arcs, arc furnaces, welding units, fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps, light control, brightness etc.
Loads using strong magnetizing currents saturated transformer, inductance furnaces, reactors etc.

Therefore harmonic studies assume great significance to understand network power quality and negative impact they can have on network. NECPL can offer continuous studies from 24 hours to many days by high end waveform and PQ recorders so that to comprehensively understand harmonics during various load cycles and their impact on network devices. 

We can offer high quality PQ studies for short durations, 24 hours to many days by high end waveform and PQ recorders so that to comprehensively understand harmonics, voltage flicker, Voltage fluctuation (Sags & Spikes), power factor issues during various load cycles of plant / office and their impact.

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